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Winning Team values


Having clear values ensures that the team works towards attaining the same goals by supporting the vision and mission of organizations and shaping their culture. They are the foundational principles under which successful teams’ function; they are essential parts of the life of organizations, and members are expected not to miss them since they are very crucial to the structure and well-being of the teams. Some of the fundamental values to foster towards building a winning team include:

  1. Responsibility. This value ensures that commitments are followed through by keeping the promises. The members not only take credit for successes but also take responsibility for their failures.
  2. Respect. Respect ensures minimum workplace problems, stress, conflicts by improving communication and positive culture that enhances the team’s satisfaction.
  3. Compassion. Studies show that employees operating in environments of compassion exhibit greater job satisfaction hence promoting team engagement, dedication, and loyalty.
  4. Concern for the welfare of the teams. There is a need for the team members to feel that their careers go beyond just being a means of earning wages but an avenue to express their ideas, learn to acquire new skills, and rise within the organization.
  5. Pursuit of Excellence. The team members ensure that organizations continuously strive to better their products, services, customer satisfaction by improving operational efficiency and productivity.
  6. Innovation. Innovation ensures that the team constantly seeks to satisfy and meet the emerging needs of customers.

Ultimately, every organization needs to determine what values are essential to building the winning team.


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