Through immersive programs that champion the human element of entrepreneurship, we transform high-potential start-up leaders into value creators.

  • At this discovery phase of starting a business, we help entrepreneurs who are seeking high-level answers to determine if a business idea can create a profitable business. Preventing the launch of a poor business concept can save you money later in trying to cure an ill-fated venture. An integral part of the venture formation and development process is all about recognizing opportunities and shaping them into business concepts that have a chance to thrive.
  • While high-potential new venture concepts can be ultimately destroyed through poor business execution, great execution cannot rescue a hopeless concept. Innovative new businesses with high impact potential will generally exploit the changing business environment. Successful new businesses become so by either filling a new or underserved market need or by filling an old one better. We help entrepreneurs answer the following questions;
  • How do you create value for your customer?
  • Can you capture any of the value you are creating for your customer?
  • Can you articulate that value proposition?
  • Is your customer base large enough to sustain a business?
  • What is your differentiation?
  • What makes that sustainable?
  • Is the business repeatable or is this an event?
  • What is your business model?
  • Is the business scalable? Can you want to start with smaller high-margin markets and work up to larger lower-margin markets as you grow?

Pre-Incubation Support

  • Vision Boards
  • Idea refinement
  • Business Planning
  • Startup Support
  • Business Plan
  • Management & Strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Linkage to Suppliers
  • Guided mentoring
  • Networking
  • Professional Talks
  • Office Space
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