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If have a business, I know you are wondering what next? Another Lockdown? What to do with my business?

This is a second time to relook at our business and reset.

So, How do you do this?

1. Do not panic- you need to remain calm in this season it’s not easy but have to try.

2. Join a business tribe- this is what I mean, entrepreneurs are used to working by themselves. It is very important that you place yourself in a tribe. Join an association or business club, this will help you navigate through the hard times.

3. Be Agile– a few years ago the word agility kept being used a lot more in business circles. Agility is the ability to move quickly and easily in response to change your challenge. As an entrepreneur, you need to adapt in response to the changes in the market.

I’m sure the question you ask yourself is how? as an entrepreneur each day you keep on adapting to new challenges that are coming into the market. My advice will be to take stock of what you think is affected most in your business ie finances, staff, supply, etc.Look at opportunities for collaboration with other businesses too.

4.Create a digital transformation plan for your business. Create Values around your business. Create new ways of selling your goods and services.

5.Improve your digital skills-content creation, data management, and analysis, social selling skills, mobile expertise, creative thinking among others.

6.Cut on cost-Bootstrap your business. Audit your business and choose areas that you need to cut down your expenses.


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