Business Accelerator

Through immersive programs that champion the human element of entrepreneurship, we transform high-potential start-up leaders into value creators.

  • If you have been already set up your business but there is something lacking or you feel stuck, this service can help you skirt identify and deal with the pitfalls that could be sinking your business or not facilitating the desired growth. When the growth of a business stalls, the company’s future becomes usually depends on its founder’s ability to restart the engine, and many times founders cannot do it alone.
  • Jumpstarting growth mostly happens a great team of people are pushing the company forward. With this service we look at among other things changing your company’s strategies to one that pushes your business to succeed, adding variety to your product lineup to help take advantage of new markets, aligning the sales process will make consistent sales possible and retaining your client base by ensuring improved customer service.

Business Accelerator

  • Market Research
  • Staffing & Role Sharing
  • Company Strategy & Priorities
  • Scale-up Strategies
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Funding Support

How we support businesses


Join like-minded entrepreneurs, business, and technical advisors capable of providing guidance.

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Potential customers, suppliers, providers of specialized services e.g. financial, legal, marketing, research facilities, etc

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We support founders to build traction, create a business model, generate revenue, and scale up your business.

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One-on-One Mentorship by seasoned entrepreneurs that helps focus entrepreneurs on specific priorities to advance the business.

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Connecting startups with the accelerators, seed investors, and industry partners.

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