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The Incubator Nest Hub exists for the sole purpose of supporting and helping develop companies by helping them survive and scale up during the startup period by connecting them to the mentorship, knowledge, resources, and the networks they need to succeed.

We compare our business Incubation with that of a Hen hatching an egg.


  • Purpose
  • Courage
  • Connection
  • Boldness
  • Drive
  • Why we do what we do
    We believe entrepreneurs are the catalyst that will accelerate growth in the local industry and create more jobs in our communities for a more secure future. In Kenya alone, SMEs are responsible for providing over 14.9 million jobs.
  • How SMEs are the future of job creation
    Job creation can only occur when entrepreneurs move from idea to business quickly and enjoy early success in the market. That is the point at which they realize the need to hire people to scale business.
  • Problems facing SMEs
    Unfortunately, even though many SMEs spring up every year, a good number of them are dying prematurely. 46% of SMEs in Kenya die within their first year of establishment with 2.2m of them vanishing over the past 5 years. We believe to end this, entrepreneurs need someone in their corner.
  • The difference we can make
    Incubators make the difference between successful businesses and those who don’t get to celebrate their second birthday. In fact, they are 56% more likely to navigate through the treacherous path of starting a business. We are here to help entrepreneurs survive and scale-up.

businesses to excel and thrive

  • Our mission is to create positive change by leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit to inspire our clients and partners to transform the workforce through innovative, impactful and successful businesses. If we are successful in our quest, we will create jobs in our communities, retain and enhance community intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial spirit as well as provide networking and engagement opportunities by linking businesses with other businesses or experts.
  • As the leading virtual business support incubator in Kenya, we help entrepreneurs nurture businesses from idea to start-up by helping them test, launch, and scale their business ideas quickly. We do this virtually to allow entrepreneurs to access all our incubator services without physically being located in our offices, leaving them the freedom to be situated anywhere.

& Affiliations

Growth Wheel Certified Partner
Growth Wheel Certified Partner
Member of the Association of Startups & SME Enablers of kenya
Member of the Association of Startups & SME Enablers of kenya

What our Clients say

Thank you so much Ivy for equipping these Kingdom entrepreneurs and for giving them a wonderful class experience. May the LORD bless you abundantly.


Very professional and organized The mentor gave real-life examples that made business sense. She is technically Informed, also has spiritual authority.


Very clear and accommodating. She also gives examples relevant to the different people in the class. I enjoyed the training and learned a lot.  Awesome learning!


"The training that Ivy conducted in our organization was quite informative. I can boldly state that the training was fun and very enlightening. Truly a game-changer in our facility towards the road to raise the bar on the customer experience that we offer "

Langata Hospital
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